Current works

Slowly time goes by


Never see yoy againe

The last guards

I can tell you a story

Other side

The sky is high

An autumn evening

Thank you, for what has been…

On the other side

There are some places….

Time goes by

In an other month than maj

What the day it was yesterday

Everything was possible then

Air travel station

Name of the days

Time has passed….

A letter to us


And there was hope….

The branches cry dry

Day out and day in


I thought thoughts that suited me

Then the words were pronounced in my language ….

The mechanical music

The music from the other side


Allow me to sit with you

The silence has been trampled down

Beautiful people lived here

Earlier works

2013 (I)

2013 (II)

En Trappa ner

Without title so far…

Irmas ruckel